Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unifix Cubes

We have been playing with Unifix cubes this week. Writing went out this window this week but math is still going strong. Thanks in part to Unifix cubes and some new math games.
100 Unifix Cubes
We have used the cubes this week for visualizing skip counting, visualizing simple addition and subtraction problems, making patterns, and using to make estimates of length. I also picked up "Developing Mathematics with Unifix." I have not had much time to read through the book but it looks like it will be useful. By just paging through the book it seems I need more Unifix supplies in order to do some of the later lessons. It looks like I will need Tens and Units Trays, 1-100 Operational Board, and 1-100 Track

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  1. I wish that our kids were more of the same age so that we could pool resources. I've been looking to find one or more people who would be wiling to purchase things like this and share them around.
    I asked Dan's parents to buy Sum Swamp(based on your review) for Ella for Christmas and they said they didn't want to buy learning toys for the kids so I'm not getting any support there.
    We did the Jesse tree this season too(again thanks to your help). I had never heard of it, but it's been fun.
    Let me know how the Unifix cubes go over with your kids, I'd be curious in getting some for over here.