Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

We started our Jesse Tree this morning. Thanks to the Reformed Church of America website, we have daily lessons and thanks to D and me, we have some (fairly awful) ornament pictures for the kids to color with each lesson.

We also finished up "Liberty or Death" this morning. Josiah was cheering, "yeah America! We won against so many British!"

Over the past month, J (sometimes E) has been listing to "The Chronicles of Narnia" radio theatre. I could not count how many hours he has had the stories playing. He LOVES them. If you are looking for a good CD version of the Chronicles of Narnia, I would highly recommend this version. Our house has been filled with Narnia quotes and sword fights ever since we started listening. We have also used it for long car trips. The kids will go for hours without a word while they listen.

We started learning about clocks this week using "Clockwise K-3" and an old book we have with a clock with hands that move. I also pulled out an old watch where I could turn the dial and move the time for J to see time changing. This morning he spent 9 minutes cuddling in bed with me while telling me each time our digital clock changed. I thought we should teach him to tell time because he kept reading the numbers this way: "it is now seven, dot dot, one five." Amusing.

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  1. We are loving the Jesse Tree devotions from another blog. I can email you the full color pdf with good symbols. Kudos to you for homeschooling. I think about it every year and might have the support to try next year.